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    Tuesday, 22 November 2016

    Hire public analysts at newsstands in Lagos for free

    You need a public analyst for free? Simple. Visit the nearest newsstand any business day of the week.

    But, Monday to Sunday is business day, 24/7 in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano and other major cities in Nigeria. Yes, in my village it may not. I do not know about you.

     Therefore, to hire an analyst, visit any newsstand around you, pretend to be reading newspapers and magazines after tipping the vendor N50 and you will get to listen to all sorts of cheap, mostly uniformed talks.

    At Iyana-Ipaja bus-stop in Lagos, close to the makeshift police post, where the armoured personnel carrier (not APC) is parked ready for ‘war’, with potential criminals, there is an old-man selling newspaper near the place.

    As early as 7a.m, all sorts of people-the good, bad, ugly, illiterate, educated, informed, uniformed, meet there to talk on  all the wrong moves Muhammed Buhari has made since he floored Goodluck Jonathan at the presidential poll.
    Some will swear that they regret voting out Jonathan and voting in Buhari, after they sang  Sai Baba, Sai Buhari to high heavens.
    These analysts know all the corrupt persons in Nigeria and how much each of these persons has stolen. But, I am sure most of them are jobless, hungry and therefore frustrated and angry with the system.

    Like some attention seeking pastors, the newsstand commentators, could predict doom for our political leaders from the local through to state and federal levels.

    They could swear by God, Allah, Sango or whatever they belief in that Nigeria, our beloved country is doom to fail. It is not our portion in Jesus name, AMEN.  

    Tuesday, I was passing though the bus-stop and decided to listen to our free public analysts. Some of them talked on what they know little or nothing about.

    One of the analysts, who claim to be a trader at Alaba international market, Ojo, Lagos lamented that the Buhari-led regime has ruined traders with his change mantra that is not putting money in the pockets of people to patronize them.

    The wretched looking Alaba trader abused the Buhari-led government for the recession Nigeria and Nigerians are presently passing through.
    Recession is a natural period of economic doom. We also have periods of economic boom. 

    These doom and boom are caused by Buhari, Jonathan, this writer, the alaba trader and most of the estimated 180million people living and doing business in Nigeria.

    How? When we fail to buy made-in-Nigeria products and instead prefer imported ones, when we life above our means in the name of showing off, when we cut corners to make money by fire by force, we are contributing out quota to economy recession. This may be the some of the reasons our import-export scale is 95% to 5%.

    This is what I told my alaba trader friend and he called for my head at the bus-stop. He told me point-blank that I know nothing about economy.  

    This is even as he was speaking disjointed English, knocking present tense and past tense together and claiming to have gone to school.

    Some of the people that visit newsstands are informed. Most of them are jobless, attention seeking analysts who known every wrong moves Buhari, Jonathan, Trump and other leaders have made.

    They know little or nothing about all the wrong moves that have made in the past and are still making. This writer is not perfect. No one is. But, like AMORC will say, Man, know thyself.

    It is not only at Iyana-Ipaja bus-stop you see them. Go to Ogba, Pen Cinema, Yaba, Ojuelegba, toll gate, Marina, Ikoyi, Obalende, etc they are there-morning till evening, talking, analyzing and propounding theories that do not add up. Freedom of speech in action.

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