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    Wednesday, 22 February 2017

    Why you must revive your website or blog

    By Emmanuel Udom
    I visited some sites and blogs few hours ago. From my findings, most of these sites and blogs are dead, while few others are still living.
    What do I mean dead or living? Simple. The dead sites do not post articles or information often.
    The search engines, or spider do not visit these sites any longer.
    So articles posted on these sites are stale, outdated and therefore not current.
    But, the living sites are active in spreading the news of their products or services to the entire world.
    The sites or blogs post articles or promotional write-up often.
     In this 21st century, the entire world is your market place. You could sell your yourself, skill, expertise, knowledge, talent, product, service, etc, through your sites or blogs.
    It is now a limitless world and limitless opportunities and possibilities.
    Updating your site frequently with valuable information will first attract traffics and potential prospects to you.
    These could eventually translate to money in your pocket or bank account.
    It does not matter whether you are an educationists, medical doctor, herbal marketer, teacher, journalist, administration, business person, trader, student, entrepreneur, etc.
    But, there are some basic steps you have to use as guide.  
    Physical marketers walk the streets, visit offices, homes, business premises, schools, churches, mosques and other public places in search of prospects.
    But, online marketers sit on their computers and craft valuable and keywords rich articles to spread their messages.
    The physical marketer is limited in reach and vision. But, the online marketer has no limitations whatsoever. Reflect on this.
    Content is king especially when your site is linked to the social media, forums, directories and other online platforms.
    Take advantage of all the customizable content of a blog.  I saw this statement online and it is true.
    Increase your keyword content through repeating them in the post title, categories, and tags.
    The search engines never sleep. Therefore, the more posts you make, the more the spider will visit.
    Set you target and stick to it come rain come shine. It could be difficult and quite discouraging when you are starting out and the money is not coming in yet.
    The social media is one good service to humanity. That is if you use your facebook, twitter, instagram, and other social media platform for good.
    But, if you use these platforms to evil or criminal, fraudulent activities, you alone will pay the price with time.
    Link your website to your blog and the other way round, since links are key to search engine optimization.
     If you want us to write promotional and valuable articles to drive prospects to your site or blog, do contact us through: eeudom@yahoo.com

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