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    Wednesday, 19 October 2016

    The many benefits of recession for Nigerians

    By Emmanuel Udom

    On face value, recession is bad copy. It is really not limited to Nigeria along. It is a global stuff. There is a time and session for everything under the sun, so says the Bible.

    Therefore, there is a time of economic doom and time of economic boom. A time of great fortunes and a time of great misfortunes.

    But, the bitter truth is that you and I have contributed our shares in the past to creating the recession we are presently facing. Difficult to accept.

    The coming into existence of computer and the internet is a plus to humanity.

    But the conventional media for instance is really not comfortable with the social media.

    Hard copies of newspapers and magazines are dying out across the globe, given way for online journalism, where every Tom, Dick and Harry is a reporter.

    Online journalism is a fallout of the fact that our world has been reduced to a global family, away from what it was in the past-a global village.

    Therefore, with recession in place, it is time for us to put on our thinking cap, cut down on frivolous expenses, leave our comfort zones, think before we leap and leave within our scarce resources.

    Why I am writing this article?   Yesterday, I was locked in a heated argument with some of my colleagues at our newsroom in Lagos, south-west Nigeria.

    For a journalist in Nigeria, just like persons in other profession and vocation, recession can act as a stepping stone or stumbling block, depending entirely on you and I.

    For every debit, there is a corresponding credit. This is the gospel my many friends in the accounting profession are preaching.

    Therefore, for every self- created misfortunes, code-named recession, there is a corresponding time where a person will experience fortunes.

    This is the time to write articles that will add value, solve a problem or give an insight to a person, firm, government agencies or corporate bodies out there.

    It is really not limited to the journalism profession alone. It applies to other profession or vocation like: teaching, banking, wielding, buying and selling, oil & gas, manufacturing, etc. Please stop, think and reflect on this. God bless you.

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