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    Wednesday, 8 June 2016

    Why you must strive to be spiritual in your dealings

    By Emmanuel Udom

    Today, I feel like writing on why you and I must strive to be spiritual in our daily dealings with ourselves and others.

    Spirituality, unlike religion is from God, or the cosmic. It is mystical, original and comes from the source of our being. Religion is created by man.
    It is something bigger and deep seated within our being. It is the link between God, the creator and human beings, the created.

    God created man and woman in his own image. Therefore, it means every person on this earth has spiritual and other attributes of God.
    Honesty, truthfulness, transparency, humanitarian services, accountability, sincerity, chastity, love, and openness are some of the attributes of spirituality. It pays in the end if we strive daily in our thoughts, words and deeds to imbibe these attributes.    

    A person who is spiritual will watch his or her thoughts, words and deeds. The person knows too well from deep, personal experiences that “what we sow today, we reap tomorrow in this life or the next”.

    This is the immortal law of karma that is replicated in all the holy and sacred books across the globe. It is a law that cannot be cheated, set aside or changed, one way or the other.

     The person may go to church, mosque or temple. He or she may respect his or her religious leader, but he is first and foremost true in all his or her individual and collective dealings.

    Some of us think our pastors, imam or early masters are God. They are not. But, some of us in error do depend on these religious leaders for our existence, so to say. A spiritually developed person looks deep within for answers to the many daily challenges he or she is going through.

     I am not saying you should ignore wise counsels from some religious leaders. But, the truth is that at the end of the day, the bulk stops on your table. Let your inner self guide you on the best decision to take, knowing fully well that at the end of the day, you alone will live with the consequences of your decisions.    

    Some of us cut corners, scheme and cheat the system for our own selfish, self-seeking interest. It is okay for us, so we think. But, in reality, it is not. We may think we can escape the judgment of man. But, will we escape the karmic law of balancing and the torment our conscience? This about it.  

    A spiritually conscious person knows that there clearly self determined consequences for his or her actions and inactions. The person knows that there is no such thing as pre-destination.  It is about sowing and reaping, using the immortal spiritual values outlined above. God bless you all.


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