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    Monday, 28 December 2015

    Why Nigerians should go for psychiatric test- Activist

     By Nelson Ekujumi
     Ever since the Boko Haram menace burst into our national life during the days of late ex President Umar Yaradua administration, Nigerians have expressed divergent views in tandem with reality that variety is the spice of life about how to curtail and exterminate this assault on our humanity and national psyche.

    Throughout the tenure of ex president Goodluck Jonathan, despite the government's obvious insincerity, politically motivated interest, falsehood and lies of combating the menace, any person or group with contrary opinion on how the government should prosecute the war were maligned, blackmailed and called names, but since we knew we had a patriotic duty to humanity to save lives, we didn't allow our voices of reason to be drowned in the cacophony of state sponsored lies and falsehood.

    Unfortunately, during his tenure in office, the boko haram terrorists overran and took control of about14 local governments. The most annoying and embarrassing was the way they terrorized our military such that our once revered and epitome of national pride and discipline military were fleeing the battle field at the mere mention of the name of the rag tag criminals and to us, it was a disturbing development and national shame.

    It even got so bad that the military personnel mutinied against constituted authority which made discipline and sincerity of purpose as the greatest casualty of the war against boko haram.

    But all the same, the government and its agencies in charge of prosecuting the war, kept on feeding us with lies, falsehood and propaganda in contrast to the reality on ground.

    Despite its lies and falsehood, the miscreants called boko haram maintained the upper hand in the war between it and the Nigerian state such that it became obvious to any discerning observer and keen follower of events that, there was more to this war than meet the eye. In short, the prosecution of the war by the Nigerian government left behind many unanswered questions.

    However, to the glory of God, the Goodluck Jonathan administration was voted out at the polls by the Nigerian people on March 28th, 2015 because they were fed up with how the ship of the state was being piloted in violation of our constitution, decency and moral values as members of the human race.

    The icing on the cake which confirmed our long held belief and suspicion of the insincerity, lies, falsehood, propaganda and violation of it's constitutional oath by the Jonathan administration in the fight against terrorism were delivered via the confessions of ex chief of defence staff, Alex Badeh and ex chief of army staff, Kenneth Minimah valedictory speech at their passing our parade, where they lamented the underfunding, no equipment and poor morale of the military in prosecuting the war against boko haram.

    The last straw that broke the camel’s back about how ex President Goodluck Jonathan administration prosecuted the war against terrorism is unfolding before our very eyes with the terrifying exposure of stealing and diversion of security funds via Dasukigate.

    But one thing which was undebatable is that a lot of Nigerians were saddened by the wanton waste of lives and properties by the boko haram attack which was an assault on our humanity and national dignity.
    However, what that has got one worried and disturbed to provoke this piece, is the seeming happiness of some Nigerians that the boko haram menace is still with us, despite the assumption into office of the Muhammadu Buhari administration and the change in strategy and sincerity to exterminate it. 

    They seem to be happy that the insurgents have not been crushed and are wishing that the inhuman loss of lives and destruction of properties occasioned by boko haram attacks continues, just to prove in their wildest of dreams that the Goodluck Jonathan administration was not incompetent and conspiratorially culpable of allowing the terrorists to assault our integrity and violate the right to life of Nigerians as attested to by Alex Badeh and Kenneth Minimah’s confessions, as well as the exposures via Dasukigate.

    The way, these Nigerians report the attacks of boko haram on Nigerians makes you want to question their sanity, but since one is not a psychiatrist, we must in view of this development take to heart the alarm raised of recent by the ex minister of power, Prof Nebo in a media interview that 53 million Nigerians are mentally unstable and therefore admonish the federal government to make the regular mental check up of Nigerians, a matter of urgent national priority.

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