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    Tuesday, 29 December 2015

    The Muhammadu Buhari presidency is deceptive, clueless –Bishop Abiodun Olugbenro

    Bishop Abiodun Alani Olugbenro, general overseer, Mountain of Solutions Ministries international, Maryland, Lagos, south-west Nigeria is a radical, outspoken and blunt cleric.
    In this interview with Emmanuel Udom, Olugbenro, an indigene of Badagry in Lagos, spoke on the many sins of the President Muhammadu Buhari –led regime, the cash-and-carry doctrine of some religious leaders, the role of Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the Buhari-led regime and why the federal government should give a nod community policing, among other burning national issues.

    The Muhammadu Buhari-led regime

    Well. Former president, Dr Goodluck Jonathan accepted defeat for the sake of peace in Nigeria and conceded victory to Muhammadu Buhari in the April presidential election. While campaigning, Buhari promised Nigerians democracy dividends.

    He promised to tackle corruption headlong, open-up governance, create jobs for jobless persons, feed school children and ensure that the economy of the country is up and running.

    More than seven months down the line, Buhari has disappointed Nigerians, who voted for him. In the name of belt tightening, our economic indices showed that the country is in a mess with no direction.

    The anti-corruption war of the Buhari regime is selective and vindictive. He delayed appointing ministers with a promise to do a thorough job. At the end of the day, it is the same old re-cycled politicians that he brought on board.

    The role of religious leaders in Nigeria  

    Ordinarily pastors and religious leaders are supposed to be representatives of God on earth. But, today, materialism has gone into most churches. Pastors now collect money as offerings and tithes from members and built monumental universities and business empires.  

    Regrettably the tuition fees charged by most of these universities run by some our religious leaders are far, far beyond the reach  of the members of the church, who contributed their money to the building of the universities. The judgment of God will certainly begin in the church.

    The role of Bola Tinubu in Buhari government

    Bola Ahmed Tinubu claims to be a Yoruba leader. But, the truth is that he is a foreigner in Lagos from Osun state. In the past, he imposed foreigners as commissioners and heads of parastatals in Lagos for his own selfish, monetary reasons.

    He pocketed Lagos and parts of south-west and was plotting to impose his core loyalists when Buhari won the presidency until he was stopped on his track.  

    Community Policing

    Terrorism is having a field day north eastern parts of Nigeria, kidnapping in the south-west and the east, simply because there is no functional community policing in place.

    Buhari should think in the direction of ensuring a functional community policing system in place, if he wants to crush Boko Haram, kidnapping, criminalities in the county.

    Your advice to Nigerians

    From the realities on ground where Buhari is complaining, finding faults and employing the blame game on the challenges facing his government, it is obvious that Buhari is not the messiah Nigerians have been praying for.

    He was voted into power to solve problems and fix Nigeria, not to apportion blames. Therefore, I advice Nigerians to take their collective destinies into their hands and embark on peaceful and bloody revolution to change things in the country for good.

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