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    Tuesday, 21 July 2015

    Kuwait: a notorious place in Gowon Estate

    By Emmanuel Udom
    Kuwait is a popular and notorious place at Gowon Estate in Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos, south-west Nigeria. In the past, residents of the estate say, the place was bushy, water-logged, a no-go area and a meeting point for all sorts of smokers and drug addicts.
    “Rapists, drug addicts, area boys, suspected robbers, ritualists and persons of questionable characters used to meet at the place to smoke igbo (Indian hemp) or sniff cracks, as cocaine or heroin is popularly called”, a resident, who spoke off record, said.
     But, Edwin Michael, a resident of the estate said , “about 30 years ago, these persons of questionable characters, after smoking Indian hemp or sniffing cocaine or heroin could harass, rape, intimidate or beat-up some residents or passers-by at the estate, who dare to pass through Kuwait, even during the day.”
    The Police have raided Kuwait in the past, where a number of suspected criminals were arrested, their cases investigated and eventually charged to court, where quite a member of them ended-up in jail, a police officer at Gowon Estate Police Station said.
    Kenneth Nwosu, Lagos police image maker says police officers from Gowon Estate in Iyana-Ipaja have a firm grip on security situations in the entire estate.
      Mike Adjara, Secretary of Gowon Estate Sports Association once told our correspondent that operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) used to carry out intermittent raid on Kuwait in the past.
    Adjara said that sanity has been brought to the place by the combined efforts of the police, NDLEA and other security agents and Kuwait area is now safe for passers-by and residents, both during the day and night.
    However, a visit by our correspondent on a surveillance mission to Kuwait last week showed that the place has changed radically. The bushy, water-logged and notorious mantra associated with Kuwait some 30 years ago, has given way for a new, improved place.
    In the place are some pentecostal churches, recreational facilities, shops, mosques, schools and hospitals built at the place.
    Prophet (Dr) Patrick Blessing Joshua, Senior Pastor of Chapel of Possibility Church, located at 4th Avenue, Gowon Estate, Lagos said the battle to build his church in Kuwait was not an easy one.
    According to him, “when I arrived Kuwait in 1985 with some pastors, we were being harassed and intimidated by some smokers and drug addicts we were preaching to, trying to convert them to Christ”.
    He said that at a point, two pastors fled the place when the smokers were using the Bible they snatched from us to wrap their indian hemp and threatening to deal with us, if we dare complain.

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