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    Wednesday, 5 November 2014

    The many benefits of deep breading


    By Emmanuel Udom
    THE process of breathing right is a serious issue. For a number of persons, it has to be cultivated and having gotten it right, sustained. I am not a medical practitioner. Neither a scientist. But, I do know from my elementary knowledge of biology that deep breathing is good for our health

    When we do deep breathing especially very early in the morning and late in the evening just before we go to bed, it will clear the stale, contaminated and poisonous air in our lungs

    Therefore, as we inhale oxygen and exhale the stale air, we feel refreshed, become more active mentally and physically and are able to do more for ourselves, our loved, our community, the state and ultimately our nation  

     Apart from this, the oxygenated blood obtained from the inhaling and exhaling processes will circulate to all parts of the body and literally feed the blood system, the tissues, organs, etc of our body

     This is certainly good for our health and well being. But, in some poorly ventilated houses or highly populated ones, there is bound to be a problem. In these places, the air is stale and therefore poisonous and unfit for human beings

     If inhaled over a long period of time, it is capable of making one to become sick. Therefore, the likely solutions to my mind is for people to always form the habit of standing either near a window or in an open place to do the deep breathing exercise everyday This, couple with an apple a day could most likely keep the doctor away.

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