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    Sunday, 10 November 2013

    May the good Lord heal Clara Chime


                                    By EMMANUEL UDOM
    It is no longer news that Mrs. Clara Chime, wife of Enugu state governor is presently going through some health challenges. The husband, family members, officials of the national human rights commission, etc, seem to be speaking in tongues.
    It is expected, since the husband is a public figure. And so, the wife, as the first lady of Enugu state must be shielded from bad press.  
    Hallucination, detention, petition, lack of freedom, integrity, neuro-psychiatric, are some of the many words coming out from the state. These are words that connote health challenges.
    Medically speaking, there is nobody on this earth plane that is not sick. Our sickness could be physical, emotional, mental, social or spiritual. In more advanced climes, the governor and the medical team of the lady could have simply told the world what the nature of her sickness is. I do know that this is not the case in Africa, Nigeria. It is well.
    This is not the time to play politics, pass the bucks and play hide-and-seek games with the medical challenges of Clara. It is time to go to the Lord in prayers.
    It is time for people of good will to meditate, pray  to God, Allah or whatever they belief,  or petition the cosmic to restore the health conditions of the Enugu first lady to normalcy.
     Therefore, I join others to pray for healing-physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually for Clara. May the good Lord Heal her, AMEN.

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