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    Saturday, 9 November 2013

    Is God of pentecostal churches deaf and dumb?

    I am not out to attack or condemn churches in Nigeria. Far from it. I have no right whatsoever to do this. Yes, churches, whether pentecostal or orthodox, must engage in praise worships. It is right and therefore legitimate.
    But, in Nigeria, some pentecostal churches are becoming too noisy, lousy and irritating in their mission of harvesting souls for Christ, that some of us begin to wonder if God is truly deaf and dumb. These churches hold service every other day. There is nothing wrong here.
    However, there is something certainly wrong if every night people are not allowed to sleep, simply because a church is having a programme. Some criminally minded persons have capitalized on the noisy church vigils to rob and loot innocent persons.
    In my area at Abule Egba in Lagos, it is becoming a daily affair for some pentecostal churches in the area to disturb the peaceful sleep of persons in the name of vigil night.
    None Christians and those of us who are floor members in the church have complained times without number and the situation seems not to change. I will not mention the name of the churches for the sake of peace, not out of fear.
    The Bible says we should close our doors and pray in silence. But, in Nigeria, there are churches in nearly every street and yet, the crime rate as well as the activities of Boko Haram is not reducing.
    Must pastors, church leaders and followers shout themselves hoarse to be heard by God? The answer, I dare say is no. God is not deaf, dumb and uncaring.
    We reap today, what we sowed in the past. This is the immutable laws of nature and of God. In Nigeria, we pay more attention to unearned miracles, dished out by some so-called men and women of God called pastors.
    The package these as miracles, salvation, breakthroughs, etc and sell them to gullible, follow-follow Christians. Too bad.
    Some Christians could spend the whole week day and night in churches, instead of facing the realities of their lives. Poverty, ignorance, is some of the under-lying factors here.
    Pastors are human beings like you and I. In fact in Nigeria, most pastors are religious business persons. They are only interested in their pockets. I stand to be corrected.
    No wonder they will package vigils and crusades almost every night and disturb the peace of others. The government at the local, state and federal level should think about checkmating the excesses of these pastors for God is not deaf and dumb.
    eeudomyahoocom is based in Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria, and is a Reporter for Allvoices.
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