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    Tuesday, 1 October 2013

    Tania Rodrigues Araujo: A great divine healer

    Nanine Locke is a Divine energy healer with fourteen years of experience. She began her spiritual journey at 21 years old, seeing a vision of the Divine Mother Mary that set her on a path of awakening. That eventually led to becoming a Usui Reiki master,  Kundalini Reiki master (and ten levels above). She is a Crystal Reiki master, Karuna Master, Angelic Energy Healing Master, Spiritual guide, and Animal Reiki master and intuitive. 

    She has embraced her natural ability and now intuitively works together with the angels, archangels, ascended masters and healing guides and many other beings of light to provide a beautifully loving and healing experience for you.  She uses her claircognizance (clear knowing) and clairsentience (clear feeling). 

    She works at the causal level of dis-ease to root out thought patterns, negative thought forms, attachments, addictions, pain, and mental/emotional disease.  She offers spiritual guidance to help you move forward on your life path.

    This is a soul-centered, heart inspired place of love and healing, both on her Face book page (link above right), where she has been honored by Women as Visionaries, as a woman making a difference in the world) and here to help with your healing needs, and to help you to live your best life.

     Let her be of service to you and create a powerful catalyst for change in your life, or just to maintain the beautiful energy flow you already have going.  She is honored to share her love and gifts in service to humanity.

    Spirit describes her healing as "You are like a human M.R.I. machine, always taking in information around you. You have a clear knowing, knowing the answers to questions around you, and a clear feeling, meaning you feel someone's energy field and get information as to what they are feeling, why and what the original source of it is.  You have a very high healing strength of 300+.  Most healers today are at 90-100K. This is due to your own high personal frequency, your clear channel, your spiritual evolvement level, plus your ability to channel the full spectrum of energies along with other factors. 

    Your aura is pure love and light. You are a beautiful being, divine sister.... We suggest charging more for your services because of the excellent results people get from your healings. 

    Everyone is ultimately responsible for themselves, but when they are ready, you can create powerful change. What you do is like reiki but goes well beyond in its effectiveness. It reaches the causal level, roots out ancestral energies, genetic lineage energies, mass consciousness energies, rooting out mental and emotional cause of disease, negative thought patterns, physical pain, mental and emotional distress, etc.
    How we would describe your healing as compared to what you used to do with reiki: Reiki is like a piece of the pie. Your healing now is the whole pie. It heals at the source of the issue, not only the symptoms and creates a more complete and lasting healing."
    It is Nanine's honor and privilege to serve you and help you to achieve your highest healing just like others have experienced.  
    *Click on the Services tab above and schedule your personalized distance healing and allow me to be of service to you today.   I offer a variety of services.
    *Please also check out my Facebook page, Dancing with the Divine Intuitive Healing (click the button on upper right of this page), and Twitter page where I offer inspiration, spiritual guidance, humor and  healing, and a sanctuary of love, peace and joy for self-empowerment in a loving community of like-minded souls.  *Buttons are on the upper right of this page.
    Source: www.dancingwiththedivineintuitivehealing.com  

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