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    Tuesday, 1 October 2013

    'How to avoid being defrauded via internet? Don't be greedy!'


    Olabode Oruku, Executive Officer, Oruku Consultancy Services, Lagos State, is an online business consultant, entrepreneur, online anti scam expert, mentor and a trainer. In this interview with EMMANUEL UDOM, Oruku, who studied statistics at the Kwara State Polytechnic, speaks on the activities of Yahoo boys, how to recognise and frustrate internet scams, and the role of government in ensuring that Nigerians involved in online crimes are tracked down and prosecuted.
    What do you think of the activities of yahoo boys?
    The so called yahoo boys have done serious damages to the Nigerian economy. They have dented our images by their fraudulent activities on the internet. What they do is equivalent to what the 419 guys are doing. It includes stealing credit cards information to buy goods and services online, defrauding online merchants and hacking into people's accounts.

    There activities have affected many Nigerians that are interested in doing legitimate business via internet or seeking foreign business partners. Most foreign credible business opportunities that could have provided jobs and business offers, avoid Nigerians because of the activities of the yahoo boys. It's a big loss to the country because we are losing hard currency.

      How do we checkmate online scams and frauds?
    Let me put your question in another form, what is the best strategy a farmer can use to eliminate or reduce weeds? The best strategy is to sow more good fruits. In that sense, the best strategy to checkmate online scams and frauds is to provide more legitimate online opportunities on the internet.

    Most yahoo boys are undergraduates and graduates. They lack knowledge on how to run legitimate business on the internet. Therefore, the government should make it mandatory for our higher institutions (universities, polytechnic and college of education) to offer a course on how business can be run successfully on the internet.

    Believe me, gradually it will turn our economy around and give us competitive edge in the global economy. Many of the developed society have started such courses in their higher institutions. Especially, if we are to follow the admonition given to us by the founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates when he said, "In few years from now all businesses shall be on the internet, if your business is not on the internet you will out of business."

    The other way to checkmate online scams and frauds is to educate our security agencies (EFCC, police, etc.) on how the internet works.

    How do you expect them to fight crime on a terrain they do not understand how it works? No wonder our policemen keep harassing innocent people on the street when they see information which they do not understand in their laptop.

     What do you think the government should do about our battered image abroad?
     We all know that corruption by our politicians is the major issue that should be addressed by the government. The best way the government can improve our image abroad in regard to the internet, is for the legislative bodies to enact laws that punish crimes done on the internet, which will deter others from carrying out such crimes.

    The international communities must see the commitment and determination of our government to fight crime on the internet. It's pertinent that the Judiciary arms of the government as a must to study Laws guiding the internet. Presently, most of our lawyers lack knowledge of laws operating on the internet. This is not good enough if we are serious about eliminating crimes on the internet and enhancing our battered image abroad.

    What do you advice yahoo boys to channel their energy to?
    I have seen some of what these yahoo boys are doing, they are bunch of talented youths. Unfortunately, they are sapping their energy into the wrong ways. What these guys need is the right education on how the internet works and how they can channel their energy positively. I am convinced they will make more money with peace of mind than what they are doing presently.

    They need to acquire skills on doing business on the internet legitimately and with their present skill they will add value to other people's lives, improve their financial income, and improve the country image.

      Are the police and other security agencies well equipped to tackle insecurity in  Nigeria?

    My opinion is that they need more education, training and equipment to do well. Criminals have become more sophisticated in carrying out their evil deeds. The good news is that there are up to date technologies to help police control crime. Our government just needs to make the necessary resolution with action to do it.

     What is your take on fraudsters using facebook, twitter and other online social media to carry out criminalities?
    One strategy I have observed criminals use to defraud people on the social media is to lure you with false information to make fast money on the internet, or introduce fraudulent businesses or lure you with a lady picture to their email addresses. The watch word is be alert and don't be greedy.

     Who is Olabode Oruku?
     Professionally, I am a business consultant with my strength on the internet. There are proven records in my consulting services of helping companies to attract consistent targeted traffic of potential clients to their businesses and websites.

    I am the first Nigerian certified by Site Sell Education, Canada to teach the course: Building a Successful Business Using the Internet. I have been providing information on success that has helped many Nigerians to earn full time or additional income from my website www.nigeriawebsuccess.com.   For about eight years now, I have been privileged to share entrepreneurship education with Nigerians through the platform of some of our major newspapers.

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