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    Friday, 11 October 2013

    Sexual violence: A deterrent to the girl child education

       By Princess Olufemi-Kayode

    October 11, 2013 is another International Day of the Girl Child as
    declared by the United Nations General Assembly.

    This year, 2013, the theme is ‘Innovating for Girls’ Education’.  This
    day was adopted by the resolution declaring October 11th as the
    International Day of the Girl Child. The UN felt a need to raise
    awareness of the challenges that millions of girls face every day.
    There are various challenges that affect the girl child across the
    world Nigeria inclusive.

    One of these challenges which have immense
    effect on the girl child’s present physical, psychosocial and
    emotional health is sexual violence. This is a global public health
    epidemic and human rights violation. Despite its prevalence, the
    response is not equivalent to the magnitude of the problem.

    To be truly innovative for the girl child’s education, the problem of
    sexual violence has to be addressed and faced headlong. We can no
    longer evade, be silent or pretend that such things are not happening
    among us.
     The media in Nigeria of late has carried many unbelievable
    stories of sexual violence against the girl child. Everyone who is a
    father, a mother, a sister, an uncle, an aunt or with a conscience
    should speak and take a stand against this phenomenon that violates
    millions of girls' rights, disrupts their education, jeopardizes their
    health, and denies them their childhood, limiting their opportunities
    and impacting all aspects of a girl's life.

    According to Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode, Founder and Executive
    Director, MediaCon " Any nation that ignores the social welfare and
    infrastructures that make living and growth for its girl child is a
    nation that denies itself of innovative development. The female gender
    contribution to development cannot be quantified."

    We at Media Concern Initiative (Mediacon)  use the platform of the
    International Day of the Girl Child as an opportunity to raise public
    awareness of the different types of discrimination, violence, abuse
    and violations of the human rights of the girl child all over the
    world especially Nigeria.

    MediaCon is a Non Governmental Organization that works on prevention and response to sexual violence. It has been in existence for over 10years and has reached millions people both women and children with its various programs which fall under two major headings – Prevention and Crisis Response Intervention. Through its prevention programs, the organization carries out capacity building of various targets in the population, sensitizing and creating awareness through the electronic and print media amongst others.

    Its Crisis Response Intervention which is a Landmark of the
    organization’s operation provides timely intervention and support to
    victims and their families. Services provided include linking to legal
    agencies, optimum medical care, Trauma Management Counseling,
    relocation of victims and families when necessary amongst others. In
    addition, it all runs 3 24 hour confidential help-lines.

    Contact Person:  DR. Princess Olufemi-Kayode
    Executive Director
    Email: info@mediaconcern.net
    Media Concern Initiative- for Women and Children.
    15A Bolodeoku Crescent Dideolu Estate, Ogba, Lagos
    www.mediaconcern.netTel: 08023331036

    Francesca Adeola Abiola*
    Senior Programme Officer
    MEDIA CONCERN INITIATIVE - for Women & Children
    Email: adeola@mediaconcern.net
    Website: www.mediaconcern.net
    24 hrs Confidential Helplines: + 234 (0) 802 333 1036,  805 820 7164 & 809
    952 2487

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