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    Sunday, 5 March 2017

    Email marketing is the right business for you

    Email marketing is basically about sending promotional articles to your clients and prospects through your email.
    The bottom-line is to convince your clients or prospects to buy into your product, service, knowledge, skill, passion or talent.
    You would send out adverts, updates, brand awareness campaigns or requests to people and firms.
    But, the article must be truly promotional. It must solve a specific problem; add value to your client, increase pleasure or reduce pains to be of benefit to your readers.
    Wikipedia says in 2011, the United States of America spent a whopping $1.51 billion on campaigns.
    This shows how big and lucrative the email marketing business could be, if people get the mix right from the very beginning.
    An online portal says email marketing seeks to build a relationship between a seller and his clients or to preserve an existing relationship and further build trust and loyalty between a seller and his clients.
    There are 2 basic types of email marketing services-direct and transactional.
    Direct e-mails are sent to promote a particular product or sales offer.
    Companies that offer e-mail marketing services gather the e-mail addresses of people they wish to send such messages to.
    By buying prospective leads from companies that offer lead generation services.
    Sometimes, an e-mail marketing company may offer both services.
    Transactional e-mails are sent to complete or confirm a transaction initiated by a client with the sending company.

    If a prospective client visits your sales website or blog and fills a registration form asking for further details about a particular product, transactional e-mails would then be sent to such a client to further engage the customer and trigger his interest in the products.
    E-mail marketing service companies have become relevant over the years as many companies have discovered their effectiveness and how they can help to increase sales compared to other methods of advertisement.
    Most companies would rather outsource their e-mail marketing services to professionals with the needed skills and expertise to achieve an effective e-mail marketing campaign.
    You can begin a career in e-mail marketing by starting your own e-mail marketing company.

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