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    Monday, 27 February 2017

    Writing more articles will promote your online business

    In this 21st century, internet is the in-thing. Therefore, every business, skill, passion, knowledge, expertise and experience has  gone online.

    It is now a digital world. It is no longer analogue and this is good for humanity.

    These days, you get to read or hear words like: e-business, e-education, e-relationship, e-commerce, e-media, e-accounting and e-courses, etc.

    Our world is now a global family, and the entire market is yours with a click of the mouse.

    But you need to tell the world what you know and can do. This is where articles writing and marketing comes in.

    Going from street-to-street, door-to-door, community-to-community, state-to-state and nation-to-nation physically with your product or service could be limiting, frustrating, time consuming and discouraging.

    With promotional contents, written in simple, readable English that highlight values and benefits your prospects stand to gain from patronizing your product or service online will do you a world of good.

    Your website or blog, the social media, forums, directories and other online platforms should be used to advertise your product or service to the entire world.

    But, let us be realistic here. Writing articles that will add value, reduce pains, increase pleasures or solve specific problems for others, is time consuming, painful and stressful.

    But, the more articles you write, the more proficient you become. With time, you become a wordsmith, having mastered the craft.

    You need not be distracted by the hustles and bustles of life. You need maximum concentration to succeed in your online business.

    Secondly, though the world has gone online, millions of people out there do not trust online business. These persons are still living in an analogue world. But, this is the natural flow of life. Trust begins from distrust.

    It takes consistency, persistency, focus, raw courage and a determined mind for online entrepreneurs to make a breakthrough.

    Writing value added articles and posting them online will attract traffics (people) first and eventually lead to your selling your products or services.

    It is either you sit down and write the articles yourself or hire ghost writers to do the job for you. Whichever way, your business will benefit eventually.

    For enquiries on where to hire a ghost writer, do contact us on: www.vicnuel.blogspot.com.ng or eeudom@yahoo.com

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