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    Wednesday, 15 February 2017

    Why the world need value added writers

    By Precious Udom

    Daily, individuals, groups, corporate bodies and nations are faced with specific problems or challenges.

    Therefore in this 21st century, writers who will add value to others and themselves are who the world need.

    Information is power and a writer who is able to craft articles that solve specific problems, give insight into issues; help to increase pleasures or reduce pains is who we actually need for now.

    Pick up a copy of any newspaper or magazine from the nearest newsstand, shop or street corner around you.

    You are likely going to read articles and news items on: business, crime, health, education, science & technology, finance, spirituality, entrepreneurship, metro, sport, the stock exchange and off course, relationship.

    In journalism, it is called beats manned by expert writers. But, take time to study the beats and you will notice that the writers are out to educate and inform the public with specific information.

    I am sure you will ask of what value is a screening headline like “Boko Haram killed 60 persons in Kano” published in a national paper in Nigeria adding to the readers.

    A lot, I must tell you. People from diverse background, mindset, profession and vocation read newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites daily.

    The bottom-line is getting information. Information is very important in making informed decisions and therefore taking informed actions.

    The Boko Haram headline will help researchers, students, politicians, government, statisticians, journalists and concerned members of the public to gauge the direction of the terrorism war in Nigeria.

    Writers must write for the general public or specialized targets. Writers should sit down and craft contents that people will read and benefit from, one way or the other. 

    I am afraid; a writer cannot successfully attract traffics and prospects, if the readers cannot get any valuable information from reading their articles.  

    It is about selling your idea, passion, business, product, knowledge or service to the world through your articles or news reports.

    Also, pay attention to the comments people make about your articles no matter how useful or useless you feel the comments are. This will give you an idea of the mindsets of your readers at any point in time.

    It will also guide you in writing more clients -focused articles in future; just like a marketer selling products or services for a company will easily anticipate what the reactions or the questions of potential customers will be.

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