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    Tuesday, 17 January 2017

    Effective Marketing Hacks To Help You Launch Your Product Through Blogging

    By Lisa Wheatly

    Effective Marketing Hacks To Help You Launch Your Product Through Blogging
    Blogs have become the best online platforms to share content, connect with potential clients and also launch products and services. Thanks to the dynamic nature of the content flow and the huge traffic, a blog is an ideal place to deliver new products.
    But before that, did you know that about 35% of all product launches are successful after their launch? Well, brand awareness, finding the budget, and establishing authority are some of the challenges you may face during the launch of the product.  
    To build a successful brand, you need to develop a strategic launch that focuses on the priority of the product. So, if you are an individual or a small business owner and you are planning to use your blog to launch your next product, follow these simple steps and you will be one step ahead of your competitors in your product launch.
    Build high anticipation
    The actual goal of starting a product launch prior is creating a buzz some weeks or months before the product is launched. A common mistake most businesses and individuals make is to write the launch post directly on their blog before the announcement. The first step is to keep the competitors in the dark about the features and characteristics of the products.
    Remember, there will be many more competitor products out there that will be producing a product with similar features. So, a better way is to create some hype about the product before its launch. You can do this by including a “coming soon page” or teaser posts. This is known as the teaser campaign and it can be done some weeks or months before the actual release.
    Offer a discount or additional benefits for first buyers
    Once your teaser campaign is over, you can write a post highlighting the bonuses, additional features and gifts that customers will get after making a purchase. You can schedule a one week buffer period between the actual product launch date and the additional benefits announcement. This will ensure that the information reaches a wide market.
    While you are doing the announcement make sure that you avoid disclosing the price structure, the product launch date but include the price of free gifts that customers will get.
    Create separate newsletter for your product launch
    Instead of using your email list alone to inform your customers about the product launch, create a separate newsletter that features the product. Use both the blog post and the newsletter to create awareness of the brand to reach as many readers as possible. If you are struggling with writing a good content post, you can always ask for help at specialized writing agencies.
    Should they be published at the same time?
     No. Set an interval of between 2 to 7 days starting with the blog post followed by the newsletter. Also, the layout of the newsletter and content arrangement should be different from that of the blog post. This will ensure that the customers can differentiate between the two and get information from either of them.
    Look for real customer testimonials
    Real customer testimonials are some of the best way to get actual information about a certain product and get readers to see the credibility of the product. This will be very important during the product launch.  Once the product is in the customer’s hand, look for some loyal subscribers from your email list and let them share their experience with you on the product.
    You can offer some incentives for the customer but ensure that you collect a lot of information from each one of them using the product features and benefits. You may highlight, how the customer was able to solve a certain problem after using the product, share some statistical data, if possible, and include a photo and some real quotes from the customer.
    It is important to provide the correct information of the customer to build trust among your readers. Vague customer details will only drive away prospective customers.
    Creat a contest and include giveaways post
    Apart from customer reviews and testominials, you can write and publish a special post to announce a contest. Make sure you include a prize that is few product giveaways for the winners of the contest. This can be shared in your blog which is a good way to spread the word about the new product.
    To capture a lot of readers, you can share this post on popular social media platforms and use the contest post to build an email list. This email list will be an asset for your blog since it will be easier to send custom newsletters with your product now and any other product you launch in future.
    The contest can run for weeks or months but makes sure you update it with all the details of the product. This will allow you and the reader to share the post and get as much contacts as possible.
    Include tutorial post for your product
    With the modern technology, there is no doubt, a lot of products being made come with some complexity, when it comes to using them. When you come up with a product, make sure you include help manuals and tutorials notes for your product. If you have a blog, share them with your user and keep them updated on how to use the product.
    You can also include some of the best practices and current customer reviews. Also, link the testimonials with the product sales page with your blog to divert potential customers to the actual landing page where all the features of the product are outlined. This will ensure that the readers keep coming back to your blog to see if there are any updates.

    By now you must have an idea of what product you want to launch and who is your target market. The next big thing is how to successfully launch it. These tips will help you get a head start of some of the marketing tips to use to make a successful product launch. Try them out and share your experience with us.

    Lisa Wheatly is from Australia. Lisa believes analytical thinking and an inquiring mind are her strongest points, and she does her best to put them to good use.

    Lisa is a consultant of young entrepreneurs, and she feels that her knowledge of the human mind allows her to accurately assess the abilities of the young businessmen.

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