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    Tuesday, 27 December 2016

    Suffering and smiling on Christmas day in Lagos

    Recession did not kill Christmas celebrations in parts of Lagos, south-west Nigeria Sunday, December 25.

    Joy, sharing, love, laughter, dining, winning, visiting, boasting, worshipping, etc, flowed like the rivers of living waters on this special day in Lagos.

    The change mantra, which the Muhammadu Buhari-led regime is preaching did not kill it either. Neither did the anti-corruption war.

    This gospel of change rather forced some of us to cut our coat according to our sizes. A case of suffering and smiling?

    It is painful. Buhari is not allowing money to flow freely, a friend who is afraid of either the police or DSS operatives whispered into my ears the other day. Timid folk, I must tell you.

    But, let tell ourselves the truth. Recession and change slowed down the tempo of the celebrations.

    My beloved brothers and sisters, I provided the rice, money, drink and other necessities for my family. But, I did not forget my good old ogogoro. Call me any name you wish, but I drink in moderation.

    Some Christmas crazy folks may have contemplated killing their parents to buy hampers, shoes, or clothes for the celebrations, as if this is the last Christmas to celebrate.

    Traders of all sorts complained of low patronage, transporters became reckless, increased their transport fares by as much as 200% along all the routes in Lagos and were driving as if they have taken excess of the stuffs, not ogogoro ha hah ha ah ah.

    The storyline did not stop there. Sex hawkers applied all the tricks they know to convince men with insatiable libido to patronize them, by fire by force.
    Some of these hawkers in high density populated areas like: Agege, Iyana-Ipaja, Ojuelegba, Orile Iganmu, Mushin, Ikotun, Ogba, Ikorodu, etc, collected as low as N300 for quick service.

    What is quick service? Well, it is having sex with a prostitute and realizing within 2-minutes, even if the man has taken Viagra, ogogoro or any of the sex enhancing drugs being sold by those Hausa folks.

    But, around high brow areas such as: Victoria Island, Lekki, parts of Ikeja, Ikoyi; the storyline is not the same for sex hungry men. 

    They must cough out money in local or foreign currencies to pay for sex. Yes, recession or no recession, some folks out there could pay my salary for life.

    Further observations revealed that the mad rush for Christmas celebrations forced some bank customers to turn their banks to a vigil night camping ground.

    Some of them turned up at the ATM points as early as 4.30 am from Saturday, December 23 to make withdrawals.

    They reined abuses on the banks for allegedly programming their machines to either dispense less cash or stop coughing out cash out-rightly.

    To these desperate bank customers, network failures, temporally out of service or any other those technical grammar associated with banking do not exist in their heads.

     These folks could blame Buhari for most of the problems they have created as if the president is a magician or miracle worker.

    But, on the other hand, must your friends, co-tenants, colleagues, pastor, imam, babalawo etc, blackmail you to spend beyond your income to celebrate the so-called birth of Jesus Christ? Bad copy, if I must be sincere with you, my dear readers.

    Christmas celebration is over. We are waiting for the new year. After this, January 2017 comes. May God give us the ability to be moderate   in times of celebrations, AMEN.   


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