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    Tuesday, 13 December 2016

    Colorful eid-el-maulud celebration in Lagos

    It was a colourful eid-el-maulud celebration for muslim faithful Monday December 12, in parts of Agege, Lagos, south-west Nigeria.

    As early as 10 am on that wonderful day, muslims gathered at a popular mosque along Oka Akran Road in Ikeja, Lagos.

    The Morcaz mosque in Agege was a beehive of activities as muslims-the young, old, male, female, Yorubas, Hausas were colourfully dressed.

    They sang, danced, shared love, gifts, joy, and laughter as they marched through the streets.

    Celebrating the birthday of Prophet Mohammed, (SAW) is the essence of the eid-el-maulud, Muhammed Sanni told Vicnuel at Pen Cinema busstop in Agege.

    Vehicles-private, commercial as well as keke marwa and okada were used in conveying people while others walk-dance their ways through the streets.

    The police did a good job of checkmating any eventualities from Oba Akran through Pen Cinema to Isokoko areas. No casualties were officially reported.

    LASTMA and AMBULANCE officials were also spotted at strategic places along the routes where the muslim faithful marched through in celebration of the Prophet.

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