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    Wednesday, 5 October 2016

    Why you need skilled content writers for your business

    With computers and the internet, business has gone online. Today, it is e-commerce all the way.

    It is not limited to business alone-everything in life has literarily gone online. E-education, e-relationship, e-marriage, e-health, e- networking, e-spirituality, etc, are some of the words most of us are familiar with.

    Take it or leave it, conventional adverts placed in local media are expensive. When you place adverts on newspapers, magazines, television and radio, you are seen basically as a marketer.

    Readers and potential customers think you are trying to sell your product or service, whether or not you know any damn think about what you are trying to sell.

    But, placing adverts in conventional media platforms are expensive, limited, and do not guarantee quick returns on your investments.

    In this 21st century world, a content writer comes handy here. Content writing is all about churning out promotional articles that will add value, give insight, solve a problem or increase pleasure to the readers.
    Lots and lots of business owners out there may not know how to write convincing and thought provoking articles, or do not have the time and patience to write promotional articles that will drive potential  customers to their business.

    Again, this is where these business owners need to hire content writers to do the job for them. Honestly, content writers are like your sale girls or boys, going about your area with fliers for people.

    Spreading fliers is all about physical, one-on-one contacts with people, firms and organizations for these sales people or representatives.
    Therefore, it is limited, old-school, out-dated, boring, time consuming, stressful and discouraging to go about distributing fliers in your neighborhood.   
    But, in content writing, you sit down, craft fantastic promotional articles for your clients or business owners and spread it all over the world with a click of the mouse.

    Like, every other business, your clients may not attract customers overnight. Even in conventional advert placement, it is not possible to place advert in newspaper on Monday and get your first customer, Tuesday morning. Element of time is required.

    But, online advert placement and content writing is not expensive. It guarantees returns on your investments over time.

    When you write fantastic copies to promote your product or service, people or potential clients see you as an expert and a marketer.

    Do you want to hire a content writer? If your answer is yes, then contact me on: eeudom@yahoo.com, eeudom@gmail.com www.vicnuel.blogspot.com.ng or 2348027066807

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