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    Wednesday, 5 October 2016

    Religious spirituality is not a link to God

    By Norma Holt
    The gross misunderstanding about spirituality and its connection to religion is the fault of pastors who have dreams, but not reality. Their desire to serve is in some cases admirable, but in others can only be described as foolhardy. This criticism is justified as my reincarnation and link to the Spirit of the Universe, the real God, has wizened me to the confusion created by claims of godliness that is misdirected and frankly wrong.
    When the Spirit commissioned me to remove the barrier of deceit that hides the Spirit it led me on a journey that took years to complete. Along the way it taught me the origin of religion and the way it deceives the world. It showed me that a group called the children of Israel are gathering in special places ready for harvesting and that we are in the last days.
    When the knowledge gained was extensive enough to teach others I asked the Spirit to send me to the pastors first. It was my belief that they were searching and desirous of serving in the right way. The request was granted and when sent to some they were ready to listen and take on board the fact that they have been grossly misled and are preaching the wrong things.
    Others, however, were appalled with the information and they made me feel dead inside. The bad taste in my mouth came from their rejection of the truth and their arrogance that they are right and that I, a humble servant of the Spirit, am wrong.
    That is not something that can be overturned because when one is brainwashed into something from an early age there can be no escaping its grip. This is how the magic of indoctrination and promises of an eternal life in the heavens works.
    My experience proves that heaven and hell are myths and without them there can be no truth in the New Testament. Those who think that the thousands of prayers they utter during their lives will get them closer to being spiritual are grossly misled. One is born with a spiritual link and it is not something that can be learned or acquired by desire.
    Norma Holt was commissioned by God to tear down the wall of churches and bring in the harvest. With memory of her reincarnation she knows that reincarnation is fact and that everyone who has lived is back. They are turning to the Mountain of God which is the Internet for answers.

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