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    Monday, 3 October 2016

    My take on Edo governorship election-Pastor Peters Osawaru Omoragbon, NCP candidate


    Distinguished members of the Fourth Estate of the Realm, party members, I welcome you to this Press Conference called to address the world on our position on the recently concluded Edo State Governorship Election held on Wednesday 28 September 2016.

    The Election has come and gone. While some are celebrating, some others are complaining and yet others like the National Conscience Party, are happy by the outcome of the Election results as released by the Independent Electoral Commission on Thursday 29th September 2016.

    As one of the 18 candidates that contested the elections, I voted at the Ward 4, Unit 4 in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo-the LGA with the largest numbers of registered voters. What I saw was reminiscence of the June 12 1993 Elections in Nigeria. People were orderly, comported themselves with decorum and the usual confusion characteristic of past elections were absent. For example, the names of registered voters were displayed on the walls adjacent to every polling unit.

    All you do is identify your name and serial number, join the queue and then once this has been verified by the INEC Polling officers, you are then allowed to do your biometric with the PVC Machine to authenticate you as the real owner of the voter’s card. That was how it was, and you cast your vote and move away or stay behind to await the result after collation. Those were the same report by my Polling Agents all over Edo State.

    During the announcement of the results, all the parties were represented and the process was very transparent. When the Electoral Officer from the LGA has read their own report, they were allowed to be questioned by the Party Representatives.

    This was quite different from past practices where results are read without any opportunity to ask questions or challenge the Electoral Officers. And this was broadcasted live all over the world. It is worthy of note that, the results released by the Electoral Officer from each Local Government Area in Edo State was endorsed by all the parties in that LGA.

    If the results were so endorsed as a reflection of the true representation of the voting in that LGA why would any party for that matter orchestrate infantile protest, using under aged children to protest the election was rigged by INEC to favour a political party.

    The National Conscience Party and myself in particular, cannot play to the gallery. We are more disciplined than such mundane attitude towards election. The average Nigerian Politician is a bad loser. Tell me one election result in the past that has been produced in this country without anyone coming out to protest and condemned?

    That spirit has to be condemned and we must learn to accept defeat in dignity. In every contest, there is bound to be a loser and a winner. Every process in life is a phase that will come and pass.

    So it is for us to imbibe the culture of compromise. It is not about PDP, APC, NCP or any other political party. It is about Edo State and the people’s welfare.  We should all join hands to build upon the progress made so far by past leaders including Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

    In this regard, we commend the INEC for a job well done. The security agents need to be commended, for their non-intimidating presence. But we will want to propose that, while the security men are not allowed to carry arms at Polling Units, some other armed security agents should be stationed about 100 metres away at the Polling centres.

    This will discourage any attempts to snatch ballot boxes as was reported in very few polling units, and those results cancelled. Anyone arrested for these electoral malpractices must be prosecuted without delay.

    To Mr. Godwin Obaseki, the winner of the 2016, Edo State Governorship Elections, accept my congratulations and that of my Party as the Deputy National Chairman South South Zone with leaders of the party in Edo State.

    The National Conscience Party accepts the results and make bold to say that, those calling for its cancellation do not mean well for the Edo People. They should be told that, Edo State is not private estate of any individual, and none should lay claim to love Edo State more than other. We are all equal stakeholders.

    As the Governor Elect prepares to hit the ground running, we want to advise that; he should expand the composition of his cabinet beyond his political party alone. He is now the Governor Elect of Edo State and not that of APC.

    I wish him well and pray that Edo State will become greater than it will be when he takes over.

    Long Live the National Conscience Party of Nigeria, Long Live Edo State. Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


    Pastor Peters Osawaru OMORAGBON
    Edo State Governorship Candidate, 2016.

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