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    Tuesday, 18 October 2016

    Does heaven really exist as a peaceful place or as a peaceful state of mind?

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     It's interesting when we talk about Heaven. We use things like Heaven forbid, for Heaven's sake; you will never go to heaven, Heaven and hell.

    What in Heaven's name are you talking about? We use the word God and Jesus in so many ways to express how we feel in positive or negative way.
    Surely this must mean that somewhere in our consciousness or unconsciousness we must have some sort of belief running.
    So what is Heaven? We hear of people who have had near death experiences going to a place which they might call heaven and experiencing the light.
    Some see or speak with Jesus and come back into their bodies with messages to deliver around the world. Others receive the same sort of messages from dead relatives.
     A near death experience for many or for most has changed the way they think and the direction of their lives.
    So where do they go. Do they really go anywhere? Or do they simply rise up into a higher state of consciousness not normally easily assessable.
    Often it is when they appear to be in an 'unconscious' state that these people move into a higher realm of consciousness with or without the awareness of what is going on around their body.
    And yet we know that through deep meditation or from a place of mindfulness, presence, total awareness, or a trance like state anyone can access this same state of mind. So does this mean Heaven exists as a place or does it exist as a space or a state of mind?
    What if Heaven is simply a higher or altered state of consciousness or a higher state of awareness that is reachable to everyone? What if the connection with Jesus or other spirit beings, including family is real? What if our body really is simply a channel for spirit to work through? And what if those inspirational or intuitive messages we receive are in truth our inner spirit or inner tutor guiding us?
    When you look at the idea that we were all created in the image or the spirit of God (that one presence or essence or whatever you want to call it) then doesn't it seem reasonable that we are all spirit in truth - one of the same spirit?
    That God or Spirit is Life it's self. And the body is a vehicle for each one of us to express that Life Force in our own unique way.
    And doesn't it therefore make sense that sickness; mental, physical or emotional disease or illness comes not as a part of Life's journey but from the resistance to letting Life journey through us.
    And we all know that when we allow natural energy to flow it empowers us and our environment. When we try to stop the flow it gets blocked up in the channel and becomes stagnant and in time we see the negative affect it has on the channel.
     If our body is the channel for Life to flow through then it stands to reason that the mind/body system will suffer in some way when the energy of Life is denied.
    Think about it for a moment. The air we breathe is everywhere and available for everyone. There is no discrimination, no favouritism. It just is and we breathe in this air naturally. We accept that there is enough for everyone.
    We don't think twice about it; we just do it. The only thing that makes the air different in different areas is the contamination that man puts into the environment.
    So isn't God like the breath we breathe? Isn't God in and about everyone? God is the air we breathe and at the same time God is the Life force that breathes through us. Like air you can't see it but for those who know, you know it just is.
    Once again the only thing that contaminates this Life force is our man-made beliefs. Just like the air that we breathe it's the poisonous man-made beliefs we carry about God, spirit and the connection to man, that pollutes our mind and makes us think other than wise. As we think so it is.
    Are we really learning about the truth or are the teachings/learning's (where ever they come from) taking us away from the truth.
     This means that our journey isn't so much about learning but unlearning what we have come to believe as the truth about God or our spiritual self.
    It means returning home to the source of all knowledge - that natural 'all-knowing' which can be found and felt in the heart of every single person, regardless of education or lack of.
    Only when we get caught up in trying to understand something that is not logical do we lose what we know. So if you have a problem with the word God then use whatever name that resonates with you because at the end of the day it doesn't matter what name we use.
     It's only a matter of feeling and accepting the presence of what is real for you. And when you feel it for yourself, 'It' is often difficult to explain or put a name to it.
    And so our journey begins long before conception or birth. Life begins being through the connection of one holistic spirit that fills us all and I fallowed will fulfill us all.
    It is like an umbilical-cord but can never be cut or severed for this is the channel that continues to supply us with our spiritual nutrients and connects heaven to earth, long before and after we are born to man.
    We become born into a body through the procreation of man and woman as a human being - Hu being of God and man being the manifestation of God.
    There is no separation. If we forget about Hu - where we originated from - we forget the most important powerful loving living part of our self and we live as form by man's law alone. This doesn't mean that God has gone anywhere. God is always present in all ways.
     It means that we have forsaken God or the real spirit of who we are for the man-made version which falls a long way short of the real deal; of the genuine genius we are.
    And so we have choices. We can continue to keep trying to understand something that is way beyond our logical mind and wonder why we think we are going insane.
    We can continue to be over-mindful of this form and of man's fearful law alone which is fast creating a mad-man's world. And we can continue to experience hell on earth. Or we can 'let-go' and faithfully rekindle with the formless, higher mind of Heaven.
    As we abide by the original and spiritual peaceful law of all lands together we will experience the 'kind' of Life and Home here on earth as it was intended.
    Marie Brunger is an accomplished writer and author and an inspirational healer and speaker. Her latest book "I AM from fear to Freedom is a result of a decision she made over 20 years ago to heal her life and to help others to do the same.
    Marie has supported thousands of people through their personal and life threatening challenges to find the freedom to choose who they want in the drivers' seat of their life - Love or fear.
    Her philosophy is simple. Instead of searching for what's wrong, and fixing the perceived problem, we look to find all that's right.
    She says: "I am committed to restoring self-love and making it the foundations for a life of well-being.
    These strong foundations allow me and you to venture safely and more naturally through the fear to enjoying a higher level of living, loving and achieving. http://www.mariebrunger.com

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