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    Sunday, 2 October 2016

    Consult experts to fix our economy, AMORC leader tells Buhari


    The Grand Administrator and Director, Supreme Board, The Rosicrucian Order (AMORC),  Dr Kenneth Idiodi, has called on President Muhammadu  Buhari to consult with experts,
    irrespective of their political leaning, to fix Nigeria’s economy which he said is now in a mess.
    Idiodi, made the call in Lagos at the occasion to kick start the 2016 public symposium titled ‘The emerging new world civilization: What Role For Nigeria’ organized by the Lagos Zone of the order.
    According to him, recession is a global headache and not experienced only in Nigeria but all countries of the world and humanity as a whole.
    He said the occurrence is in line with the law of cycle, which is the law of functionality which no iota of word can alter.
    According to him, at a time Nigeria had a booming economy but failed to save for a time like this and “we wasted the opportunity to have saved the country from what is being experienced today although this is not to say it is irredeemable”.
    He advised that the president consults with economists “because there is no reason that our country, which is highly endowed with human and natural resources, could afford to fail”.
    “If our professionals can excel in other countries of the world and we fail here then we should know that we are the cause of our problem”, he said.
    Idiodi opined that “our people can reverse this if we have a sense of responsibility and commitment” but added that “Nigerians are not serious; what worked against us is irresponsibility. We must learn to accept responsibility for what happened to us, our problems are self-imposed”.
    “The President should get the technocrats to fix our economy, it doesn’t matter where the person is coming from”, he stated.
    He advised Nigerians to learn to accept responsibility to what happened to them rather than apportioning blames because “we had every opportunity to make the country great when the economy was booming but we wasted it”.
    The Grand Master also cautioned against the privatization of the aviation sector due to security challenges in the country but was in full support of the privatization of the energy sector, which he said has long been overdue.
    The privatization of the energy sector, he said, would encourage competition while other areas like gas, which has been ignored, will be fully explored.
    “The price of fuel will be reduced and other gains derivable from gas will be elaborately achievable”, he argued.
    Commenting on the symposium, he said the event was aimed at bringing to fore the ideals and purpose of AMORC.
    “This event seeks to set an agenda not only to project a possible future direction for humanity but also assist to prepare our minds and shape our decisions and actions for the future bears in its womb.
    “It has been said that the best way to predict the future is to create it and so, we must become reflective of where we humans are coming from and to whence we are going”.
    Idiodi in his welcome address opined that “the country should move away from saying that Nigeria is the giant of Africa to the next level, … which is that of playing the leadership role in Africa by attaining such a status at the political and socio- economic levels, bearing in mind that playing politics to become a leader at the local, state or national levels is not a ‘do or die’ affair.
    “What does it matter if Nigeria is Africa’s biggest economy or second or third in the continent if the average citizen cannot afford food or decent shelter, not to talk of being able to pay children’s school fees?
    “Government at all tiers along with civil society and good citizens must act to discourage the type of mentality that leads to vandalism, militancy, terrorism and all forms of barbaric acts. We must move forward as a nation.
    “Nigeria must apply best international standards and practices in all its operations so as not to be left behind in current global developments. Every citizen of Nigeria should consider himself also as a citizen of the world. We have much to offer and must play our role in shaping the emerging civilization for the good humankind.
    “Nigeria has so far done fairly well in providing mundane education to its teeming population. However, the country is yet to attain a high level of balanced development which would qualify it for the orbit of civilized nations. We must work harder” he explained.

    Source: The Union newspaper

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