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    Wednesday, 28 September 2016

    Inyang, ex-IGP nailed Anini, the notorious robber

    Etim Okon Inyang, who was inspector-general of police from 1984-1986, passed through transition Monday in Lagos at the age of 85 years.
     But, it was in 1986 during the regime of military president, Ibrahim Babangida that Lawrence Anini, a notorious armed robber, who terrorized people-killing, robbing and intimidating with reckless abandon- that Inyang was saddled with the responsibility of tracking down the notorious robber.
    IBB, as the former military ruler is fondly called at a point when the criminal activities of Anini were becoming unbearable asked Inyang, My friend where is Anini?

    The IBB question spurred the former IGP to rejig the security architecture around the then old Bendel state, which eventually led to the arrest of Anini by Kayode Uanreroro, then superintendent of police December 3, 1986 at 26, Oyemwosa Street in Benin City, while in the midst of ladies.

    March 29, 1987, the notorious robber was executed based on a judgment delivered by a Benin High Court for armed robbery.

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