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    Monday, 23 November 2015

    Unlawful arrest: Rights group uncovers how NSCDC officials turn office to court rooms in Lagos

    ....Clamps down innocent citizens into illegal cells, grants bail with
    stringent conditions, demands ransom for bail
      …..Rights group Petitions Commandant-General, calls for outrights
    dismissal of the affected officers

    By  Adeniyi Alimi  Sulaiman

     Center for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ) has uncovered how the officials of the Lagos State Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) turned their office into court room where they gave stringent bail conditions to any innocent Nigerian that fell of their victim.

    The source close to the Lagos Command of the Security establishment
    revealed that many innocent Nigerians have been clamped down into
    their illegal detention for more than two months and also beyond the
    twenty-four hours stipulated by the laws of the land.

    It was also discovered that they gave out the bail conditions in black
    and white like Court of Law where ransom were also demanded to be part of the stringent bail condition and any victim whose relatives failed
    to meet NSCDC’s requests, would be in their illegal detention
    unattended to, without any fair trial in the court of competent
    Jurisdiction than NSCDC’s court in their office.

    The rights group (CHRSJ), upon discovered these illegal, unlawful  and
    unconstitutional acts of the  Lagos State Command of the Civil Defence
    Corps last  week which were  inimical to the principle of fairness,
    accountability and justice, it however forwarded a five (5) pages
    petition to the Commandant-General of the  Civil Defence, President
    Muhammadu  Buhari, Inspector General of Police(IGP),National Assembly, Lagos State governor  and other appropriate authorities in the land over  unlawful arrest  of one Mr. Adenekan Adedeji since November 9th,2015  till the time of filing this report for  alleged indecent assault on two daughters of one Ayodele Ekundayo, where CHRSJ called for the independent panel of inquiry to unravel the veracity of the allegation against the suspect.

    The group insisted that the devilish acts of the unscrupulous elements
    in the Civil Defence Corps led by Mr. Rabiu Solomon (DDC) and Mr.
    Bayo should be stopped and curtailed in the State by not allowing them
    to use their ineptitude and act of parochial interest to override the
    public interest, to destroy the hard earned reputation of the Corps.

    According to the Petition Letter dated Thursday 19th November, 2015
    and entitled:” The Petition against your Officers, Mr. Rabiu
    Solomon(DDC),the Head, Intelligence & Investigation, Mr. Bayo,
    Investigation Officer with phone number: 08034132139 and others of
    Intelligence & investigation  department of the Nigeria security and
    Civil Defence corps (NSCDC) of the Lagos state command, for unlawful,
    illegal and illegitimate arrest and torture of  Adenekan  Adedeji
    of 33,Olawale Cole street-turn bus stop, Abule- Egba,Lagos state and
    demanding of #340,ooo from his father, Williams  Adenekan with
    phone number:07044204199,a retired civil servant, before releasing
    young Adenekan (Adedeji) over trump- up allegation which Adedeji  knew nothing about. The centre for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ) demands for the immediate arrest and outright dismissal of officers mentioned that involved in this barbaric act of lawlessness,
    criminality/ indiscipline attitude; and sanction of the Lagos State
    Commandant of the corps which allowed evil acts to be perpetrated
    under his watch”, which was signed by the CHRSJ’s Chairman,
    Adeniyi, Alimi Sulaiman and copy was made available to newsmen in
    Lagos yesterday.

     Sulaiman  who maintained that the Command has turned itself to mini court of law which innocent Nigeria would be held incommunicado over trumped-up-allegation, insisting that the men of NSCDC in the State had deliberately violated the fundamental human rights to fair arrest and hearing of  Adedeji Adenekan as stipulated by the Section 34,35&36 of the  amended 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which says, every suspect is innocent until the Court of Competent Jurisdiction proves otherwise, promising that the rights group would approach the Court of competent jurisdiction to
    seek redress for  innocent  Adedeji Adenekan.

    Part of the petition reads thus,” After our private investigation into
    the whole matter which we see that the whole process lack moral and
    legal justifications to keep the innocent citizen of this country
    incommunicado contrary to section 36 subsection (5) of the amended
    1999 Constitution and it is very unfortunate that an Intelligent and
    investigative officer of NSCDC that could not deem it fit to take the
    matter to court when they discovered that the allegation are
    frivolous, malicious, defamation of character and character
    assassination against the personality of Mr. Adenekan Adedeji,who
    absolutely recognized by section 25 of FRN Constitution as amended.
    Even, the almighty  Rabiu Solomon and his king of doom,Bayo with
    other aides-in-crime refused to carry out DNA TEST to discover the
    authenticity suspect among the four of the suspected people alleged
    and criminally kept/enveloped into the NSCDC ‘ILLEGAL CELL’.

    “Also, in the cause of our inquiry into the whole matter, the
    response of Mr. Rabiu Solomon was not favourable as he insisted that
    he could not take the matter to court when we insisted that the matter
    should be taking to court after ten (10) days of illegal incarcerations
    of  Adenekan Adedeji.
    But what we discovered was that it seems
    authority of the State command has mandated Rabiu Solomon to
    collect huge sum for the bail of any suspect in their custody as it
    applicable on the subject matter.
    The  officers action and inaction  do not in conformity with the Section 17 sub-section (2) a, b, c of the1999 Constitution as amended where the 17(2)(b) stipulated that “ the sanctity of the human person shall be recognized  and human dignity shall be maintained and enhanced; and (c) “governmental(official) actions shall be humane”

    CHRSJ sees the actions of Mr. Rabiu Solomon and his Company against
     Adenekan Adedeji as anathema, illegal, unlawful, abomination,
    aberration, ungodly, evil, undemocratic, anti-people, inhuman,
    disheartening, heartless, uncalled-for and unbecoming of an
    intelligent security official in the land, urging the authority of the
    NSCDC not to allowed  Rabiu Solomon, Mr. Bayo and their
    co-travelers  to use their opportunity of being working for
    government to return the country to the despotic dark days of MILITARY ERA under the guise of official duties.

    The petition added that: “ it will interest you to hear that the ABOVE
    NAMED officers detained Adenekan Adedeji, refused to take him as
    suspect to court within the reasonable stipulated time of the law,
    contrary to section 35 sub-section 4&5 of the amended 1999
    Constitution, because the suspect biological father (Mr. Williams
    Adenekan) refused to yield to the #340,000 bribery part of  the bail
    condition, demanded by  Mr. Rabiu Solomon and his co-travelers in the
    saga which contrary to Section 98,99,172,209&494 of the Criminal Code
    Cap ‘C’ 38, 2010 FRN & Law of Federation 2010 and 5th schedule, part
    1, section 6&8 of 1999 Constitution as amended”.

    Comrade Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman is the executive director, Center for Human Rights and Social Justice. He could be reached on 08091504/+2348022697573

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