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    Thursday, 26 November 2015

    CSCEO uncovers Aregbesola’s plans to sack 9,582 workers in Osun

    By Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman

    A group under the aegis of Civil Society Coalition for the
    Emancipation of Osun State (CSCEO) has uncovered the plan of Mr. Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola led- Osun State government to begin the
    retrenchment of no fewer than Nine thousand five hundred and eighty
    two (9,582) workers across the 30 local governments and Modakeke Area Council, Civil Service, tertiary institutions, teaching and other
    public service establishment of the State, saying that the group has
    prepared to resist all the anti-workers policies of Rauf Adesoji
    Aregbesola’s government, rejecting  the proposed sacking of government workers across the state.

    The group however rejected the illegal and unlawful merger of the four
    (4) State owned tertiary institutions or stripping them of any course
    of study in any form, noting that the institutions have been
    established for decades and Mr. Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola would not be
    the first and the last person to govern the State, noting that the
    group would not fold its arms and allow Mr. Aregbesola and his company to destroy the education of the State before returning back to their home in Lagos State.

    The Chairman of the group, Comrade Adeniyi, Alimi Sulaiman, speaking
    at a Press Conference organized by the CSCEO in commemoration of Mr. Aregbesola five years in office tagged:” FIVE WASTED YEARS OF MR RAUF ADESOJI AREGBESOLA AS GOVERNOR OF OSUN STATE”, held in NUJ
    Correspondent’s Chapel, Osogbo yesterday, he strongly condemned the
    present administration in the State for its anti-masses policies in
    the last five years in office, explaining that Rauf Aregbesola’s gross
    mismanagement of the funds allocated to the State from Federation
    Account and his kleptomania that brought the State to the  current
    pitiable situation.

    According to him,” We do not have any personal scores to settle with
    Mr. Rauf Adesoji  Aregbesola as being thought in some quarters but  we
    are motivated by love for the common good of our people. The Oaths
    taking by the Executive arm of government as stipulated in the seventh
    schedule of the amended 1999 Constitution suggests that government is
    in existence for the promotion of the welfare of all citizens on the
    principles of Freedom, Equality and Justice. Alas! Aregbesola’s
    government is the total opposite of these ideals. Contrary to his
    propaganda, Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola is the worst thing that ever
    happened to the State.

    “Aregbesola’s administration is deficient in honesty, deficient in
    honour and deficient in truth. The only thing it has in surplus is
    saying something and doing something else. His financial recklessness
    which resulted in borrowing in excess of over Four Hundred Billion
    naira which he claimed to be spent on projects which are not in the
    interest of the welfare of our people has left Osun people poorer. So
    great is his dishonesty that when he says ‘good morning’ one needs to
    cross-check three times before answering”.

    Speaking further on the educational policy of the State government,
    Comrade Sulaiman maintained that Aregbesola promised to build
    twenty-seven (27) model schools across the State with the N11.4
    billion acclaimed free interest loan obtained from “SUKUK” in 2013 and
    the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Universal Basic
    Education Commission (UBEC) also released sum of N13.9billion to the
    State for the same purpose, stressing that the question in the lips of
    the right thinking citizens of the State now is that what happened to
    the UBEC’s fund released for the same purpose?, adding that
    Aregbesola had succeeded in shortchanging the good people of the Statefor his own benefit and must be made to account for this.

    He added that “Five years into Aregbesola’s misrule of Osun state has
    resulted in breakdown of law and order among secondary school students who even come to school with charms to threaten teachers who dare to correct them. There have been reports of violent clashes between students of secondary schools who could not be accosted and disciplined because they all wear the same uniform which made it impossible to know which school they belonged to.

     Similarly the
    schools merger and Opon- Imo has led to dwindling performance in WASC examination as the students have only turned the tablets to a means of
    watching  videos. 

    The 2014 WASC result is the worst in the history of
    this state. In addition, results of male students who sat for the exam
    at Baptist Girls High school were withheld by WAEC which does not see
    how male candidates can be in a girl’s school. 

    Yet, Mr. Aregbesolarevels in squander mania and corruption claiming that he built a 72classrooms school building for 750 million naira while the number of teachers in the school is less than 15. This betrays his true intention in undertaking the project. NOT FOR STUDENTS TO LEARN BUT FOR HIM TO BE ABLE TO GET HUGE KICK-BACKS".

    The group challenged the authority of the three (3) banks (Zenith
    Bank, Wema Bank and First Bank) which received the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN)/ Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) bailout fund on behalf of the State to come out openly and show the world how the State government under Mr. Rauf Aregbesola’s watch collected the sum of approximate N35billion bailout fund accrued to the State.

    They stated,” Mr. Rauf Aregbesola should also come out to tell the
    people of the State, how the revenue that accrued to the State from
    federation Account since January 2015 was spent.
    Similarly, he should tell the whole world why despite receiving the NNLG and bailout fund from Federal Government and promptly receiving the State monthly allocation since President Muhammadu Buhari came into power in May29th, 2015, his government is still owing workers and retirees alike to the tune of four (4) to five (5) months salaries and pension due.

    “Mr. Aregbesola should explain why he refused to pay the 2011/2012
    retirees their gratuities despite the fact that during the period the
    State experienced 230 percent increase in her Federal Allocation? 

    The State government must also come out to clear the air on the
    controversial fake Letter of Authority compiled to access gratuity of
    the genuine retirees of 2011/2012 batch as a result of Government
    Contributory Pension Scheme policy”.

    Sulaiman is the chairman, Civil Society Coalition for the Emancipation of Osun state (CSCEO). He could be reached on: +2348038591504/+2348022697573

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