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    Wednesday, 14 October 2015

    The blame game on security lapses in Lagos

    By Nelson Ekujumi
     Human beings as usual, are a very funny set of people with the way they reason, which is manifested in their sayings or words on paper. While some reasoning are logical, some are ridiculous and in order for us not to allow this kind of thinking to take us for a ride by playing on our intelligence, they have to be confronted with facts to show their irrationality.

    It is a known fact that no sane and reasonable mind, can controvert the fact that Nigeria as a country will always have security challenges in view of our political structure which centralizes security, I mean, it's a federal government affair. Under the 1999 constitution that we are operating in Nigeria, no state government controls any institution of security.

    However, what one finds amusing and incomprehensible is the attempt by some persons to blame state governments for security lapses that occurs in the states, when we all know vividly well that state governments, don't control security apparatus in the federal Republic of Nigeria.

    Recently, Chief Olu Falae was abducted in Ondo state, abductions took place also recently in Kogi, Delta, Ekiti and some other states, which are themselves victims of criminality of one sort or the other, yet no sane mind could lay the blame at the feet of the state governments because they don't control the security apparatus.

    But one is puzzled by the attempt to blame the security lapse in Lagos state on the government and is thus forced to ask, is Lagos state the only state that has its own state controlled  police which would have made their criticism valid? If yes, they are on point, but if the centralization of the security apparatus applies to Lagos too, just like other states, then the irrationality, blackmail and campaign of calumny should be noted for what it is.

    Again, one is amused by the thinking of some persons who one believes, must be hallucinating to think that we can join their bandwagon of ekun alabosi, cries of mischief about the state of our roads which we all agree is poor as though the roads became poor only in the last four months of President Muhammadu Buhari and governor Akinwunmi Ambode's assumption into office.

    It is an incontrovertible fact that in as much as we agree that the roads just like other infrastructures nationwide needs urgent repairs and rehabilitation, it cannot be done in this rainy season, as it would be insensible and an economic waste to do so.

    While these "critics" continue to raise their voices daily, against reason and reality which is their constitutional right to do, we owe it a duty to admonish them to realize that the Nigerian society today, is an informed one that cannot be bamboozled by propaganda and falsehood, hence criticisms of national issues must be objective, factual, sensible and focused, rather than this tantrums and ridiculousness of reasoning.

    Ekujumi is a Lagos-based human rights activist

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