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    Wednesday, 18 March 2015

    Chief Bona Mokwe writes Peter Obi, former governor of Anambra over re-election dream of Jonathan

     By this period, you must have taken time to study a damning and overly explicit video (YouTube Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWHGgTF8vJE) description of your habitual dual personality that have circulated and will continue to circulate all over the world, compliments of people like myself that knows every bit of you from childhood.

    Your trademark sly smiles were evident along with your misleading comical mosquito-voice beneath which is a man of “end justifying the means”.

    You will recall that in a series of articles I wrote against you in the past, I was emphatic on your natural unreliability and the grossly misplaced sainthood projection which you cultivated by way of lavishing Anambra State Government funds on church organizations.

    I equally advised against your being the face of Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election project in the South East because your second-level artistry has made you a political liability that can only be remedied by retirement. On the contrary, your honourless personality did not allow that.

    I am on all fours, if I contend that endorsement by a group or a section of people comes with it, an inherent benefit, political and otherwise to the beneficiary.

    In most cases, it has never been proven to be universal or comprehensive at the end of the day because of factors such as your deceitful personality.

    Higher brains weigh all the factors before toeing the line of opium induced group comprising of vegetable heads. By your own recorded speech, you said as follows; “IF I LEAVE APGA, I WILL DIE!”, but you are yet to die.

     Instead, you are busy navigating and shoving everybody around Goodluck Jonathan aside to market yourself as his political saviour and the attendant yield at the end.

    Peter, any sound Igbo man that votes for Goodluck Jonathan after an exposure to the referenced video clip of your classical integrity at display, must have done that based on his or her personal conviction and not your person.

    Salvaging of whatever that is left requires a situation where you will be seen and not heard as the Igbos are interested in Goodluck winning the election. You will be harming the objective if you continue to address Igbo gatherings.

    Peter, if the calculated injustice you inflicted on me which is now known to have involved you through the influence of the power that be in Onitsha was not enough for you to resign at the time, this very compound exploitation of Igbo trust as depicted by your self-inflicted political suicide of a video, ought to have knocked on your door of honour as a man in the direction of an apology to the Igbo nation and formal termination of your political prostitution, retirement that is.

    The above request is of course a tall order, considering the honourless society we inhabit.

    Naturally, you will still be going around shouting “Vote for Jonathan”, all over Igbo land with your trademark sly smile, mocking the uninformed underneath your facial gestures. As per your “OKWUTE NDI IGBO” title, it has turned out to be a comprehensive affirmation of Igbo title anarchy.

    You will agree that the title does not reconcile with your person. Some titles ought to come with the test of time. Okwute Ndi Igbo is such a title.

    Victims of your now proven deceitful personality such as myself that you sold to Anambra State and the whole world the dummy of “FIGHTING CRIME” while the flip side was that my hotel location was ideal for Fidelity Bank branch, which you own, are still waiting to be compensated two and half years after.

     As we wait to die of starvation, you are busy enjoying the proceeds of your financial dehydration of Anambra State, which you labelled and marketed as Prudent Administration capped with the hype of billions of Naira as savings for the State.

     Faced with the problem of locating the hyped savings, Governor Willie Obiano had to scavenge for funds. I hope it never gets to the point of taxing unborn babies.

    Peter, there is what we call Arbitrage in financial investment portfolio. In lay terms, it can be referred to as balanced probability investment. It is a hedge against loss.

    The above elementary analysis about arbitrage theory highlights your regular practice of sitting in the front row of church burials, all to retain the hedge.

    It allows you the opportunity to loudly pronounce “AMEN” to the hearing of the priest before “IN JESUS NAME” that ought to have come first.
    Peter, honour is not in your dictionary and neither is conscience any part of it.

    What goes around comes around. The integrity incorporated video of your person is a side show for now. Your dubious state investments among others and how the famous Next International came alive will be very interesting. Go ahead and have me killed the second time. The first was August 1st 2013.

    Bona Mokwe is the Obiridike Umuchu

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