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    Sunday, 1 December 2013

    Status of the weeping Virgin Mary at St Anthony Catholic Church in Lagos


    Sunday, November 24, 2013, was like any normal day in Lagos, south western Nigeria. It was slightly cloudy in the morning and by midday, the weather, so unpredictable, changed like the British weather. It was sunny one moment and cloudy the next.

    However, at about 3pm local time, our reporter received a call from one of our many sources in Ikeja area of Lagos. The status of the Blessed Virgin Mary is weeping for the sins of the world at St Anthony Catholic Church in Ikeja.

    Pronto, this reporter zoomed off to the church located at MOPOL Barracks and on reaching the place met hundreds of thousands of catholic faithful and other curious persons praying in front of the weeping Mary.

    Off course, some pictures of the status were picked by this reporter. Since my computer system is presently having problems posting the pictures, I will forward some of these pictures to the allvoices editor.

    By the way, the church with Rev Fr Paul Omotosho as chaplaincy is located right inside a police barracks. That is, MOPOL Barrack, where some police officers serving in Lagos reside with their family members.
    The entire church premises were like a Mecca of sort.

     In fact, the entire police barracks was more or less like a tourism destination. Catholic faithfuls in solemn movement and gesture prayed and sang adoration songs for the weeping statues.

    Did the status of Virgin Mary actual wept for the sins of the world at St Anthony Catholic Church in Lagos? This is a very big question that the Catholic authorities at the Vatican can answer.

    Meanwhile, National Mirror and Nigerian Pilot, two of the many prominent newspapers in Nigeria have picked the news report. Since the reports hit the newsstand, it has continued to generate readers across the globe. We are waiting for the unfolding drama.

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