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    Monday, 18 November 2013

    The police, okada "game" in Lagos

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    Police officers guard a road leading to Great Nigeria Insurance House after it caught fire in Lagos business district
    Police officers guard a road leading to Great Nigeria Insurance House after it caught fire in Lagos business district
    Nigerian Policeman Caught On Video Asking For Bribe In Lagos State Arrested
    Babatunde Raji Fashola, governor of Lagos state, south-west Nigeria banned the operations and activities of commercial motorcycle operators in some streets. His mission was to bring back sanity to an insane Lagos. Good copy for humanity.
    To a large extent, Fashola has achieved his mission. That is, if you, my dear readers take time out to check crimes and accidents records at the various police formations and the orthopedic hospital in Igbobi, Yaba, Lagos. Compare your findings before and after the ban and you will get the message.
    The police with Manko Umar, the prince from Bida, Niger state have been working round the clock to enforce the law, banning Okada operations in Lagos. In fairness, the police in Lagos have also tried. This is where the flattering words stop.
    Since this law came into being, some corrupt police officers have eaten fat. Remember, I say some, not all. Indeed, there are decent and incorruptible police officers serving in Lagos.
    From Oke Odo police station, through to Elere, Ikeja, Oko-Oba, Ikoyi, Adeniji Adele to Ijora-Olopa, some police officers have literally turned themselves to terrorists. Go on surveillance to see things for yourself.
    In my very eyes last week at Old Ota road junction, near Ile-Epo bus-stop in Abule-Egba, Lagos, a police officer in mufti beat the living hell out of an okada he caught plying the street.
    When this writer dared to intervened he promised to deal with me. This is one of the many hazards we journalists go through. So, who will be intimidated by the threat of being dealt with?
    On getting to Oke-Odo police station to speak with the divisional police officer, he was said to have gone out for duties. Though, something told me deep down that the police officer I approached to see the DPO was lying.
    But, a senior police politely, but firmly told me that Ekoro road and Old Ota road at the two major streets barred by the Fashola laws. Those, okada riders who are battered by police officers, while plying these roads have no case. Yes, no case. All correct sir.
    But, I counted 25 bikes at the station before leaving the place, even as some corrupt police with, or without uniforms are always observed early morning collecting egunje (bribe), from okada riders in some unbarred streets in the area.
    Police officers from Pen Cinema, Elere, Oko-Oba are funny fellows. They collect okada with style. Go on surveillance in these areas and you get the message. It is N5000 to N10, 000 bribes or no dice, an okada rider at Agege said. So, to Alausa, the impounded Okadas must go.
    Ikeja is the capital of Lagos. A senior police said on Monday that all streets in Ikeja are barred from operations and activities of okada riders.
    But, virtually every street in Ikeja is flooded with Okada riders. It is either the law is an ass in Ikeja or ….. But, if you take a walk to Area F police division, you will know that the police is working. At the last count on Sunday, it was 38bikes. The beat goes on.
    This is just a tip of what is happening in virtually all police divisions in Lagos-Okada riders must be stopped, by fire, by brimstone, anyhow. I rest my case.
      Source: www.allvoices.com

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