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    Friday, 4 October 2013

    How to make money as a writer


     Writers are either born or made. It could be both, you know. Whether you are a born or trained writer, passion is the bottom-line.
    Money is good. But, ideas come before money. Therefore, your ideas, talent, skill, knowledge, experience, etc can bring you good fortune over time. This is only if you are ready to share what you know and can do with the world.
    There are a thousand and one ways of marketing yourself, talent, skill and experiences. Off course, you could name some of them. Aspiring to becoming a world class writer is just one of them.
     However, in this global age and stage, it is not about writing to impress, but writing to sell yourself, product and service.
    So, if you, as an aspiring writer, if you are not one already, cannot solve a problem, give information, add value to your readers, or give insight into the specific problems or challenges people are facing, I am afraid you are not on the right direction.
    Secondly, forget about looking for money to publish your books. You can publish e-copies and still sell. You could even contribute articles for publications in some sites or create your blogs.
    Some couple of months back, I wrote a book: How to make money as a writer. I sold some electronic and hard copies and made some residual income along the line.
    To be honest with you, my friends, if you are thinking making quick money over night, forget about becoming a writer.
    But, one of my many mentors, Johnson Ikube, chief executive officer of JI Global Solutions Limited, Lagos, Nigeria inspired me recently. He told me to do a review of the book.
    Ikube is one person I have deep respect and admiration for. So, I am presently reviewing the book and it will eventually come out bigger, better and more value added.
    My book is still available for N500 e-copy and N1000 for the bind copy, minus the cost of posting. So, feel free to contact me for a copy, if you are still interested.
    As I said earlier, we are going to partner together one way or the other for good.

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