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    Monday, 30 September 2013

    Top reasons you must help to secure our world

                By Emmanuel Udom

    Security is all about safety of your life and properties. It is about peace, harmony, unity, progress, order, God, justice, equity, happiness, etc.
    These are some of the tag words that are linked directly or indirectly to security, right from the local through to the global level.
    Dear readers, we need to secure our world, our loved ones, our investments and those tangible and intangible things we value and cherish.
    Terrorists, armed robbers, kidnappers, fraudsters, paid assassins are everywhere. They live among us.
    Yes, it is the business of the police and other security agencies to checkmate criminalities and ensure law and order.
      But, the honest truth is that since peace or war begins from our minds as ideas, we have a duty before God and humanity to partner with the police in keeping our world secured.
    How?  In Nigeria, wherever you live, you must know the phone number of the divisional police officer at the nearest police station to your house.  It is for your own good.
    Secondly, you must make efforts to install security gadgets in your home, compound and locality. These gadgets are quite cheap and affordable. So, make plans to have one, if you do not have already.
    Thirdly, you need to have an idea of the crime trend and blackspots in your locality. The bottom-line is to ensure that you keep your ears close to the ground on potential criminal activities and operations.
    The police-community relations in some northern parts of Nigeria are not too encouraging. This is the reason; Boko Haram is terrorizing people from that part of the country.
    In the south, it is about kidnapping for ransom and organized robbery. The security agents are trying their best, even with inadequate personnel, equipment and logistics.  
    Yes, the community leaders in these parts cannot pretend not to know about the unseen hands behind terrorism in Nigeria.
    You see, criminals do not come from Pluto. They live in our midst as neighbors.
    But, sometimes, we fear to expose them. My dear, you are not helping the security agents to fight criminalities, if you do not give out information. It is called intelligence- led policing.
    It is not really your identity, but the message. There are various anonymous ways of passing on vital information to the police, without the officers knowing who you are.  
    You can walk to the nearest police station and demand to see the DPO, DCO or the crime officer.
    You could send a text message, while hiding your phone number. You could even write a letter and drop it inside the police box in front of their station.
    These are some of the top reasons you have to work silently, honestly and truthfully with the police to tackle criminalities.
    Some of us Nigerians think the police is corrupt and is not performing. This is wrong. There are corruptions everywhere, including the media. There are bad and good eggs everywhere in Nigeria. It is really not limited to Nigeria alone. It is a global issue.
    Police officers anywhere are not magicians. They work with information. So, they rely on you and I for vital information on criminal activities, movement and operations. Please, let us work together to secure our world.
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