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    Saturday, 28 September 2013

    Our police barracks are inhabitable-Representatives


           By Christopher Oji 
    The House of Representative Committee on Police Affairs yesterday at the Lagos state police command headquarters, Ikeja Lagos, south-west Nigeria decried the deplorable state of police barracks,  within  the country, describing it as inhabitable and dehumanizing.

    The committee, chaired by Hon. Usman Bello Kumo, urged the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency on all police, military paramilitary barracks within the country. 

    Kumo, who led members of the committee to inspect the newly renovated Police College, Ikeja, and some police barracks within the State, blamed the Federal Government for allowing the military to renovate the Police barracks Ikeja.

    While fielding questions from journalist, Kumo said; " I wanted to say  the what we saw today us a cause for worry in the sense that humans beings who are expected to Man security situations in this country the task crime and criminality are not treated well.

     It is discouraging and something drastic has to be done hence the morale of the Nigerian police will continue to go down and they won't be able to give out the required services.

    I am saying it because of what we saw, first we have to appreciate the Federal Government, in their quick intervention in renovating the Ikeja  police college or a portion of it.

    We want to thank the President for that but not withstanding we still want to advice the President and the executive that therefore, when they want to issue this kind of project they should give it to the appropriate quarter. In a democratic dispensation there is no point directing the military to renovate police facility because the police in a civilian and civil dispensation, they are those that are supposed to Man the security of the land. We are saying this because we want to put the record and make sure that everybody does the right thing.

    But I would appreciate that because the president did that because of the urgency of that particular situation. What we saw at the barracks, , the facilities are so inhabitable and decapitated,

    The facilities  have existed for practically  close to 100 years and you expect humans beings living there
     to be up and doing in the  and you expect their psychology to active in discharging their responsibility in protecting lives and property, we are not encouraging them as government.

     I am calling on the government to declare a state of emergency on all barracks, not only on the police but on all security agencies including the police, military and other paramilitary agencies in the country. Only in doing this that we can give the required support and in turn they will give us the service required from them. 

    I will not blame the police budget implementation but I will blame the budge process. If you do not change the envelope system, still we are not changing and we are not changing anything.

    First you do is to place your priority, in placing your priorities you must change the envelope system. You can be taking an envelope system that was inherited by the colonial masters and you still adopt it as a way of doing our budget. What we should have done is to put our priority on the fast line and we can achieve huge results." 

    Meanwhile, the committee met the notorious southwest robbery czar, Abiodun Ogunjobi, AKA, Godogodo,  who was presented to them by  Commissioner of Police Lagos State, Umar Manko and his officer in charge of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

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